NCME Leadership

Officers and Directors

Ezekiel Patten, Jr., Chair

Patten Energy Enterprises was founded by Ezekiel Patten, Jr., who holds an MBA degree. Mr. Patten has an extensive background in the field of Petroleum Products Marketing. He began his career in Los Angeles in 1971, serving as a marketing trainee with the UNOCAL Corporation. He held numerous management positions during his 20 year career. He served as Vice President for the Sunbelt Oil Corporation from 1986 to 1990.

In 1990, Mr. Patten founded Patten Energy Enterprises, Inc, a diversified Energy Marketing and Consulting Firm specializing in marketing of petroleum products, natural gas products and alternative vehicle fuels consulting in the public and private sector.

Joe Alderete, Vice Chair, Supplier Diversity
Southern California Edison.

Joseph F. Alderete has been the Manager of the Supplier Diversity Program for Southern California Edison for over 12 years. In this position, he oversees the Company’s Women and Minority Business Program. He insures compliance with all CPUC rules and regulations, and all public law relating to women and minority procurements.


Frank L. Torbert, Jr., Treasurer
FLT Trading, Inc

Frank L. Torbert, Jr. is President of Pittsburgh-based FLT Trading, Inc.  The company sells coal, natural gas, and other commodities for utilities, industrial concerns and the government.  Mr. Torbert has more than 25 years experience serving coal and other energy resource companies as a marketing and financial executive.


William Bill Bethune, General Counsel
McCandlish & Lillard, P.C. 

Bill is Senior Counsel in the Fairfax, Virginia law firm of McCandlish & Lillard, P.C., where he concentrates in commercial litigation and transactions, including matters related to entity formation and governance, strategic alliances, intellectual property, and employment.  Bill has represented and served on the governing bodies of many non-profits, chambers of commerce, and public charities.  He has served as NCME’s General Counsel since Fall 2007.


Mr. Spencer D. Jordan, Secretary
Quantum Energy Resources, Inc.

Board of Directors

Ms. Suyen E. Pell, President
Anahau Energy, LLC
400 Continetal Blvd., Suite 600
El Segundo, CA 90245
(310) 426-2440
(888) 595-7269 (fax)
Product/Services: Natural Gas

Mr. Ezekiel Patten, Jr., President
Patten Energy Enterprises, Inc.
3437 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007
(323) 235-3500
(323) 235-3400 (fax)
Product/Services: Fuels; Natural

Mr. Frank L. Torbert, Jr., President/CEO
FLT Trading,  Inc.
P.O. BOX 57
Imperial, Pa 15126
(724) 695-1244
(724) 695-1244 (fax)
Product/Services: Coal; Natural Gas

Joe Alderete, Dir, Supplier Diversity
Southern California Edison
Quad 3D Room 376
2244 Walnut Grove Avenue
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 302-4410 (fax)
Product/Services: Utility

Mr. Spencer D. Jordan, President
Quantum Energy Resources, Inc.
440 Benmar Drive, Suite 1401
Houston, TX  77060-1365
(281) 999-4800
(281) 999-4819 (fax)
Product/Services: Natural Gas; Fuels

Mr. Frank S. Geary, President
Geary Energy, LLC
7712 S. Yale Ave., Suite 201
Tulsa, OK 74136
(918) 523-2513
(918) 523-2522 (fax)
Product/Services: Natural Gas

Valerie Lertyaovarit
Business Enterprises Manager
Southern California Gas Company   
(213) 244-3023
(213) 244-8106 (fax)
Product/Services:  Diversity

Erica Leigh Beale
Diverse Business Enterprise Program Manager
San Diego Gas & Electric Company
8326 Century Park Court – CP221
San Diego, CA 92123-1548
(858) 361-5861
Product/Services: Diversity

Joan Kerr, Director Supplier
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
245 Market Street, Rm. NSF
San Francisco, CA 9105-1702
(415) 973-8087 (fax)
Pam Spingola (415) 973-0538
Product/Services: Utility

Roberta W. Sims
Vice President 
Regulatory Affairs and Gas Supply
Washington Gas
6801 Industrial Road Springfield, VA 22151
(703) 750-5505
(703) 750-5501 Fax

Policy Advisers

Ms. Vicky A. Bailey, President, Anderson Stratton International

Formerly President George W. Bush nominated Ms. Bailey to serve as Assistant Secretary for the Office of Policy and International Affairs, Department of Energy. In this position Ms. Bailey brought over 15 years of public and private sector experience in energy issues to the position. Ms. Bailey served as primary advisor to Secretary Spencer Abraham and senior Departmental management on issues related to the development and implementation of the nation’s energy policy.

Mr. C. Kyle Simpson, Senior Policy Advisor, Brownstein Hyatt & Farber P.C.

Mr. Simpson is Policy Director in Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck’s, Washington, D.C. office. He specializes in helping client’s identify and take advantage of new market opportunities, manage difficult business and government relations issues, identify sources of capital, eliminate market barriers, and capture economic benefits. Previously Mr. Simpson served as the Senior Policy Advisor to the U.S. Department of Energy on domestic and international energy matters. He was Founder and President and CEO of Morgan Meguire and has held numerous public and private positions within the energy industry.

Juan Ramón Zarco,  Managing Director, Magellan International, Washington, D.C.

As Managing Director of Magellan International, located in Washington, D.C., with distinguished legal, finance and marketing training, Mr. Juan Ramon Zarco is focused on creating deals that draw on his impressive range of contacts and experience.

Barry K. Worthington, Executive Director, United States Energy Association.

Barry K. Worthington serves as the Executive Director of the United States Energy Association (USEA) where he directs the Association's domestic and international activities.  He has served in this capacity since September 1988.  Previously, he served as a Vice President of the Thomas Alva Edison Foundation as well as several executive positions within the Houston Lighting & Power Company, now known as Center Point.

Andrew Levetown, Managing Director, FTI Forensic and Consulting.

Andrew Levetown is a managing director in the FTI Forensic and Litigation Consulting practice and is based in Washington, DC. Mr. Levetown specializes in conducting complex investigations for senior management, boards of directors, and in-house and outside legal counsel. He has over 17 years of experience performing complex domestic and international investigations. Mr. Levetown has been retained to investigate issues pertaining to corporate combinations and business expansion, regulatory compliance and dispute resolution, intellectual property protection, frauds, defamation and the destruction of evidence.

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