Membership to the organization is available to companies involved in, or associated with, the energy industry.

There are two corporate membership categories:

  • General Membership - General members shall be businesses in the energy industry, a majority of whose equity is directly or indirectly owned or controlled by individuals who are (i) one or more women, and/or (ii) members of a historically disadvantaged minority group. By way of example but not limitation, such businesses may include those that develop, produce, or supply fossil fuels, natural gas, electric or alternative energy sources or affiliated businesses in the energy industry. 

  •  Associate Membership - Associate Members shall be businesses or individuals who support the Corporation's purpose and goals, but who do not meet the criteria set forth above for General Members. Associate Members are generally business owners and/or individuals in the non-energy industry related fields such as vendors, service providers, consultants, and lawyers.

Please forward all new membership applications to:

National Council of Minorities in Energy

1725 I Street N.W. Suite 300

Washington D.C. 20006


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